:) Life is never FLAT! :(

Karena aku tahu Tuhan ga jahat. Atas semua sedih dan senyum, Tuhan mempunyai alasan. Atas semua tangis dan tawa, Tuhan menguji kita. Atas semua duka dan suka, Tuhan hanya menitipkannya. Doesn’t it mean every tears and smiles would switch each other? Sometimes they comes and then fades. You just have to brace yourself to face them whenever they’ll come. You just have some reason to cry and some other to smile. That was how God gave them to us. Never mind what people say about your failure and blame you. Tell them, “That was not a failure. That was a second chance. Yes, a second chance! A second chance for me think twice: to give up or to survive. And I’d decided to survive.” They who only have ability to judge and blame you don’t really know what you already sacrificed just for one thing.

Life is never flat” bukan sekadar tagline brand chiki ternama. Tapi lebih kepada realita. Dan jika bumi adalah bulat seperti roda yg membuat kita kadang di atas atau di bawah juga bukan sekadar pepatah. Tapi lebih kepada realita.

There is day and night. And they still have their own light. 🙂

I just believe that every difficulty comes with its solutions-easiness.

Be Positive!


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